Friday, November 30, 2012

"Facebook" adds shop "ITunes" to the gift-giving service

Facebook enhanced gift-giving service offered by which 

constituted the first initiative of the
field of e-commerce, where it is added products from the  

store ITunes which belongs to apple


The site said in a statement that "gifts

Electronic sold in store ITunes

Available for 10 to 50 dollars. "

The "Facebook" was launched at the end of September

Service that allows users to give "gifts" paid real. This service is available

Currently in the United States only.

The gifts were presented in the beginning simple, is that this initiative, which is the first

Step toward the development of an e-commerce platform on the site has received applause from analysts.

"Facebook", which provides its services free of charge a tremendous challenge to the use financially

Broad base of users, which includes over one billion users

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