Sunday, December 2, 2012

Additional hour sleep at night relieve pain !!

A recent study found that sleeping for an extra hour or more at night could improve person's attention and sensitivity to pain.

The British newspaper The Daily Mail that researchers at Elnra Hospital Ford and found that sleep 10 hours a night instead of the recommended eight hours, it is more effective to alleviate the pain of eating medicine codeine housing.

Mentions that he might study included 18 people intact, asked them to sleep four consecutive nights the usual Bnmthm, or four nights in each 10 hours.

The researchers also measured daytime sleepiness of these, and stand their sensitivity to pain through the use of a heat source.

The results showed that people who spent more hours in nocturnal sleep were more attentive and less sensitive to the pain significantly. It turns out that the effectiveness of sleep over the effectiveness of the drug codeine in alleviating pain

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